Chairperson Message

Prof.(Dr.) B.T. Kaul
Chairperson, Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies

Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies (VSLLS), an integral part of Vivekananda Institute of Professional studies (VIPS), is marching ahead in its pursuit of achieving academic excellence despite the constraints of being an affiliate institute of a conventional state university. It has from the very beginning embarked on a very ambitious program of giving to the nation able lawyers, sensitive judges, efficient administrators and legal scholars committed to the values of “man making, character building and nation building” as espoused by Swami Vivekananda. Its alumni have proved their mettle and occupy places of pride in various walks of life.

VSLLS has, from time to time, introspected into its strategies for achieving academic excellence and has been hospitable to the idea of revising its curriculum and pedagogy to respond to the felt necessitates of time, of course, in consonance with the core constitutional values and the framework prescribed by the regulatory bodies.  Keeping in view that many of its students aspire to become litigating lawyers, VSLLS has started an ambitious program in July 2018 to provide advanced training to law students on continuing basis so that they can hone their skills in drafting, conveyancing and office management. The response of the students and their satisfaction with the program has been quite encouraging. Such advanced programs are going to be a regular feature of the training activities of VSLLS.

To achieve these objectives, VSLLS is soon starting two new Centers, namely, Faculty Development Program Center and Judicial Education and Training Center respectively which will go a long way in making VSLLS a Law School of Excellence with a holistic approach to prepare lawyers, law teachers and judges for the new millennium. This is our commitment to the society which we shall strive to achieve in all earnestness. We hope and trust that all the stakeholders shall cooperate and collaborate with us in this nation building mission.